Gift Ideas For Her On A First Date

Gift Ideas For Her On A First Date

Going on a date with a girl for the first time? Thinking of buying her a gift but not sure what would it be?

Choosing a gift for her doesn’t have to be tough to come up with if you are aware of her interest and character. You should know this when you’ve started to have a conversation online before you both decide to meet in person. For instance, a first date gift should express sincerity not luxury. Consider it a simple way to let her know you value her presence and her decision of knowing more about you.

If you are still unsure of an ideal gift for her, here are some of the creative and inexpensive gift ideas suitable for the first or consecutive dates;


Women absolutely love flowers and it guarantees to give you attractive points. Keep it simple with a small and classy concept in mind. Most women prefer to receive something more unique and creative. A single flower will do and select a shade based on her favorites. But if you have no clue, don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of a good florist.

Portrait Of Her

A simple charcoal sketch of her portrait is a creative gift for a first date. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do the painting yourself. You can always ask the help of a professional artist nearby. But it’s a big turn on for her if you can do the sketch yourself.

A Book

A book is just a thing on a first date especially for a girl who loves to read. If you want to impress her, a signed copy of a book she truly loves would bring a huge appreciation from her. Again, make her interests as a reference to your purchase.

Small Box Of Chocolates Or Candies

Sweet delights as a gift always bring pleasure to a woman. It symbolizes love and happiness giving her the feeling of wellness and warm just by thinking about it. So drop by at the nearest chocolate shop and grab a box of chocolates or candies that will surely melt her heart.

Personalized Stuffed Toy

Stuffed toys are one of the most common gifts for a first date or those who have just recently started dating. How about a stuffed toy such as a boy and girl cuddly bears or any animal of your choice with opposite gender made personally with your names. Sounds cute? Go ahead and try it as a gift to brighten up her day.

Follow Up Gifts

Giving her a gift should not end at your first date. Keep those flowers and chocolates coming even if it isn’t a special day. Follow up gifts are excellent add-ons that builds a strong foundation in her heart.

If you’ve known her for a while as you make conversations and spend your time together online, make sure to remember each and every detail about her life and her interest. This way, you can easily decide on what would be the best first date gift you should give her. Good luck!