What to do if your kids catch you having sex?

What to do if your kids catch you having sex?

The fact that you have your kids in the house, it’s kinda hard to find time for sex with your husband or wife. Likewise, not all couple in the world can afford a soundproof room or most of them are not into checking in a hotel just to have their solo time. The utmost reason, you cannot leave your children unattended.

In some instances, children tend to wake up in the middle of the night and go to master’s bedroom which is a kind of a little tricky for the couple to make move of spicing up each other’s night or on the other hand, children are awake the whole day, playing in the living room. This dilemma might be the reason why your children might catch you in the act of having sex.

As the time your children saw you, what could be your possible or initial reactions? Will you get mad and scold them? Will you feel violated? At the time you can possibly overreact towards it because you were shocked too. But remember that yelling at them wasn’t the best way to handle it. What to do by then? Here are the lists of how you will handle that moment.

Keep Calm

If you hear some creaking sounds, then quickly cover up. Don’t freak out or even panic because your kids might associate your reactions to something that should not be happening between you. You don’t even want to give an idea about sex to them. You keep calm, cover the sheets on your private part and smile.

Don’t yell and just wait for their reaction.

Of course, your kids don’t have any idea about what you are doing. So before you say something or you out blast your reactions towards your kids, it would be better to wait and see how they will react. Don’t feel so violated, maybe kids want to have some piece of sandwich or something to drink. Shut up and see what your kids need first.

You can talk kids about it.

Kids can probably say about what they saw in the bed. They can even tell that “Mom and Dad, were playing like a horse”. In this line, you can ask them why they got out of bed and tell them that you are having a Mom and Dad time. Somehow, they will understand, you need to explain it well and choose the right words for them.

Install a lock on your bedroom.

For that couple who still have kids at home and wants to have their “Mom and Dad time,” you should have double guard your nest just not to be disturbed by your kids in the middle of your lovemaking. You know kids will not knock on the door while entering your room. You have to be prepared, put your security perimeter.

Furthermore, you need to work this out because it’s it’s your responsibility to properly manage your sexual moments in the first place. You’ve got to make sure that fear of getting caught will not stop you from keeping the fire burning between you and your partner. Talk it through, will understand. Just make sure to be careful next time.